About Scuiz

Scuiz stands for social quiz. When you use scuiz, students create questions, answer questions, and explain their answers using a Facebook-style interface. Scuiz automatically flags questions as too easy or too difficult, based on the student responses, and allow students to contest questions they find unclear or incorrect. You, the teacher, simply moderate the discussion but approving or rejecting contested questions. Students are automatically graded based on the number of good questions they have created (not too easy, not too difficult, and not rejected), and the number of correct questions they have answered.

Scuiz eliminates the process of manual grading completely and allows you, the teacher, to keep them constantly engaged, in competition with one another, and monitor their individual progress in real time. You can concentrate on teaching and giving students directions and guidelines about the type of questions you expect from them.

Scuiz allows both the teacher and the students to create questions using a simple to understand markup syntax similar to Wikipedia. Questions can contain formatted text, formulas (in LaTeX), links, images, videos, audio files, and code. A question can be multiple choice answers, numerical, text based (the system checks text match for similarity). When a new question is created, it is randomly assigend to other students. A student must create questions in order to have access to questions from other students to answer. Students receive immediate feedback about their answer and can then comment and discuss the question they just answered. You, the teacher, can see both statistical information about the students or impersonate them to see what they see.

Pricing (for schools and teachers): Scuiz runs as a service but both your and your students must register with their email address to use it. Scuiz is in beta and free to use until Sep 1st, 2018. After that date, it will cost $9 per scuiz, unless your school has a site license. A site license costs $12/year x [number of instructors] and it is independent on the number of scuizzes they create. Scuiz is free for students.


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